Visibility and Optimization in SaaS Management

Transcript of the Video - Visibility and Optimization in SaaS Management

“Good afternoon. Did you know that companies do not have visibility of 50% of the apps that they’re using in the organization? There’s ways of finding out now. At SaaSrooms, what we do for our clients, we help them rightsize the license types they have across the organization, get rid of apps that they don’t really need, get rid of nice to have things that are wasting time for people in the organization, and also look in the detail of making sure you can downgrade or upgrade according to what is the best fit for your business. In the process of doing this, we save our clients hundreds of thousands every year.”

Visibility and Optimization in SaaS Management: Key Strategies from Philip Allouche, Founder of SaaSrooms

In a surprising revelation from our recent studies, it appears that companies lack visibility of approximately 50% of the apps they are currently using. This lack of insight can lead to significant inefficiencies and financial waste within an organization.

At SaaSrooms, we specialize in addressing this challenge by helping our clients right-size their SaaS licenses, eliminate unnecessary applications, and optimize their software suite to fit their actual business needs. Our approach not only simplifies technology management but also results in substantial cost savings, with many of our clients saving hundreds of thousands annually.

Curious about how this process can be implemented in your organization? Watch our video to discover actionable steps for gaining better control over your SaaS environment and see how right-sizing and app management can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and cost reduction.

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