Control Your SaaS Spend

Gain real time visibility and control of your SaaS subscriptions. Uncover up to 40% savings opportunities, optimize your SaaS stack and track performance.

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The Only Platform Built for IT, Procurement, and Finance Industry.

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Control & Optimize SaaS Licences

Monitor entitlements, adoption, and application usage to proactively optimize software investments and ensure maximum value.

Manage SaaS Spend and Renewals

Stay ahead of SaaS renewals, secure the best prices using benchmark data, and foster collaboration across teams to achieve cost savings.

SaaS Procurement is Broken

Businesses spend over $150 billion annually on SaaS, across more than 15,000 software vendors. The odds are that you’re overpaying by as much as 20% per year for SaaS.

Of SaaS licenses
 will overlap


Of SaaS subscriptions typically go unused


is overspent on SaaS,
 on average

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Assess Your Savings Opportunity

Take a free 30 minute opportunity assessment to identify your savings potential of up to 40%.
Get a personalized action plan to maximize your ROI.

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Measure. Optimize. Eliminate. Be free from SaaS wastage with SaaSrooms

Centralize and optimize your SaaS spends from the root with SaaSrooms SaaS Management.

SaaS Marketplace

Find, evaluate and select best of breed SaaS apps. SaaSrooms gathers data from thousands of users and vendors to help you select the right tools for your business.


Assess your performance against comparable businesses. Identify potential for service improvements and further savings. Compare your organization to best in class and learn from successes.


Deeper Spend Analytics

SaaSrooms automates the capture and enrichment of your spend and usage data from multiple data sources such as manual entry, flat file (.csv), API or SaaS Marketplace.

Data Discovery & Enrichment

We leverage our deep spend analytics experience to uncover more about your organization’s spending and to identify savings opportunities. We’ll give you visibility of your organization’s spend including SaaS stack, vendors, users, usage, spend, renewals and savings.

spend analytics

Subscription Optimisation

SaaSrooms helps you to specify feature and usage requirements, identify vendors and tools for review, shortlist vendors, negotiate terms and execute contracts for new SaaS platforms.

SaaS Management

We leverage data and process automation to maximize savings and efficiencies. SaaSrooms makes it easy to manage implementations, onboarding, training and education, upgrades, downgrades and renewals.

Success Automation

Our clever Success Bots continually identify opportunities to save money, reduce risk and improve service levels. You decide which opportunities to take advantage of.

Proactive Alerts & Reminders

Get ahead of product updates, renewals, contract approvals, compliance issues with alerts and reminders. Stay on top of supplier news to mitigate risk and seize opportunities.

subscription optimisation


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How it works

One Platform for Your Largest Areas of SaaS Spend

We provide full visibility into SaaS Expenditure – what you have and what you are spending as well as easy collaboration and security for stakeholders across multiple departments.

Get all of your apps in one place. Capture vendor, apps, subscriptions, usage & renewals.

Issue virtual purchase cards. Control every order & get up to 5% cashback.

Get real time visibility of your spend, SaaS stack, vendors, users, usage, renewals and savings.

SaaSrooms continually identifies opportunities to reduce costs, minimize risk and improve service levels.

Manage tasks, execute savings & seize opportunities. All at the click of a button.

Get up to 5% cashback on every order and up to 40% savings on your SaaS spend.

SaaSrooms: SaaS Spend Management Software

Unlock savings and insights by tracking your software subscriptions in a comprehensive SaaS management platform.


Leading Companies Drive Business Value with SaaSrooms

See how we are helping companies save thousands on their SaaS spend using SaaSrooms SaaS Spend Management Software.


Based in Silicon Valley, Simfoni is a world leading procurement automation and analytics business.


Baselinker’s all in one eCommerce management platform is transforming how retailers transact online.


Yordex helps businesses to reduce the cost of managing large volumes of small payments by up to 80%.


Enter MetalMiner, a renowned player in the world of metal market intelligence, where they live and breathe the importance of financial control and cost minimization.
Why Choose Us

Savings you never knew were possible

Combine granular SaaS management with cloud-first Identity Governance to prevent Shadow IT, control spends and secure access for all apps

Pricing - SaaSrooms - Choose Your SaaS Spend Management Plan
1. Spend Visibility

Our data driven approach delivers unique insights into your expenditure and uncovers more savings opportunities. With SaaSrooms you have all of your information in one place and in real time – make better decisions faster.

2. Control Your Expenditure

SaaSrooms makes it easy to control your spend. Our platform provides the controls you need to manage SaaS subscription agreements, usage data, price changes, upgrades and renewals.

3. Measurable Cost Savings

We leverage powerful data to continually deliver measurable savings opportunities for both new and existing SaaS platforms. Our actionable data insights and clever success bots analyse your spend and usage to uncover real savings.

4. Process Efficiencies

To save you time, we streamline the processes involved in specifying, sourcing, onboarding, managing and sunsetting all of your SaaS applications, in one, easy to use platform. You’ll get proactive alerts and reminders, so you’ll never miss a deadline.

5. Increased Compliance & Data Security

SaaSrooms has been designed to make it easy to manage risk and compliance. Our platform conforms with data security, GDPR and ESG reporting requirements. So you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

6. No Risk Approach

Our unique pricing model means we’re aligned to your success. We charge a low monthly fee to manage your subscriptions in one place, then a % of savings that we deliver. We don’t lock you in to long term contracts, so you have a No Risk guarantee.

Ready to save 20% or more on SaaS

See SaaSrooms in action to find out how high-growth teams are cutting their SaaS costs, streamlining procurement, and achieving up to 25X ROI.

Take a free 30 minute opportunity assessment to identify your savings potential. Get a personalized action plan to maximise your ROI.


Most Popular Questions

Explore common queries with our FAQs, addressing key concerns to enhance your understanding.

SaaSrooms helps you to manage all of your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications in one place. We help you to control and reduce your spending, streamline renewals and upgrades and to report savings.

We are completely transparent with how we calculate and deliver savings. For existing platforms we identify the total cost of ownership. This usually includes all monthly or annual subscriptions for the term of the contract plus any one time fees such as training or integration. We then work to identify your usage including number of active users versus paid for licenses, how your users access and use the software to identify savings opportunities. We will then provide recommendations to drive savings and efficiencies. For new SaaS subscriptions as well as upgrades and renewals, we compare current total price with the new price that we deliver.

Yes. By booking a Free Opportunity Assessment, you will have access to SaaSrooms for free. You can share your estimated spend and savings potential with colleagues. You can then upgrade to a paid subscription to take advantage of SaaSrooms advanced features and realise your savings.

Sure thing. We don’t lock you in to long complex contracts. Our success is aligned to yours. So we make it easy to sign up, simple to upgrade and plain sailing if you chose to reduce your subscription.

Once we have the right data, we need to understand your SaaS spending, so we guarantee that SaaSrooms will deliver measurable cost savings over a 12 month timeframe. Of course, we expect to make significant savings. Then we lock-in your savings through renewals and improve service levels and user satisfaction.

Absolutely. SaaSrooms is designed to synchronize with your SaaS applications. We can integrate via simple flat file uploads, our API or you can access and select 3rd party applications via our SaaS marketplace.

We make it easy to assess your potential savings and build a business case. On the 30 minute call, we will estimate your current SaaS spending, highlight savings potential and provide free access to your personalized Opportunity Assessment. You can then chose to start saving when-ever it suits you.

We just need some information to get us started including your current SaaS applications in a spreadsheet including any data on vendors, costs and renewal dates.

Probably less than you think. A 30 minute call will provide your savings opportunity. We’ll then need around 60 minutes for a kick-off call and a monthly review call of around 60 minutes each time.

Of course! SaaSrooms will help you to find and organize your SaaS applications. By working with our team, you’ll have a single view of your contracts, spending, vendors and renewal dates. We’ll ensure you have the right information to make the right decisions.