Optimizing Data and Analytics Spend

Transcript of the Video - Optimizing Data and Analytics Spend

“Companies have invested millions in data and analytics over the last five to ten years. What we are finding in our client base is that they’ve often, very often, overinvested, over licensed, specifically in areas like analytics. In analytics, whether you’re buying Tableau, Google, Microsoft Power Bl, there’s always different license levels you can acquire. There can be up to 90% cheaper licenses to do exactly what you need. So understanding your user profile is extremely important so you can write sizes. And that’s exactly what you can do with SaaSrooms. Often our clients that are big into analytics, internal reporting, whether it’s for themselves internally or for their clients, can save up to several hundred thousands just by getting better visibility into their usage profiles.”

Optimizing Data and Analytics Spend: Insights from Philip Allouche, Founder of SaaSrooms

As businesses increasingly invest in data and analytics, a critical oversight often emerges: the tendency to over-license, particularly in tools like Tableau, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Power BI. In my latest video, I dive into how companies, despite their best intentions, end up significantly overspending—often by not aligning their software licenses with actual user needs.

Key Insights:

  • Understand User Profiles: It’s crucial to assess what your users genuinely need to avoid overspending on unnecessary license tiers.
  • Cost-Effective Licensing: There are often more affordable alternatives that can save up to 90% of your costs without compromising on functionality.
  • Significant Savings: By optimizing license management, companies heavily invested in analytics and reporting can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At SaaSrooms, we empower our clients to gain better visibility into their usage profiles and right-size their subscriptions. This strategic approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also turns cost centers into value generators.

Watch the video now to discover how SaaSrooms helps you optimize your analytics investments for maximum efficiency and savings.

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