Simfoni Case Study

Simfoni Case Study


Based in Silicon Valley, Simfoni are a world leading procurement automation and analytics business.

Compay Name: Simfoni


Based in Silicon Valley, Simfoni are a world leading procurement automation and analytics business. Such spectacular growth, a global office network and employees distributed across 5 continents, has resulted in the business operating hundreds of different software and SaaS applications which are difficult to monitor utilisation and even harder to align with contracts and invoicing. The leadership team quickly identified the need to get visibility and control over their spending and utilisation in order to accurately forecast and budget for continued growth.

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With a unique and deep understanding of procurement process automation and analytics, SaaSrooms were the perfect fit for Simfoni’s demanding SaaS Management vendor selection critieria. A key requirement was to demonstrate the capability to integrate multiple data sources including everything from manual data entry and flat files through to API based integrations across every function of the business.

SaaSrooms demonstrated a flexible approach that suited Simfoni’s demanding needs and is able to deliver unique visibility into Simfoni’s spending and go deeper to uncover greater savings opportunities, send alerts to potential risks such as expiring contracts or under-utilised software and to improve user satisfaction.


Simfoni has realised immediate and significant savings by using SaaSrooms. As Simfoni were able to provide high quality data for both spend and utilisation, SaaSrooms expert analysts were able to deliver savings opportunities within days.

One of the largest expenses was on Office 365 licenses, but by “going deep” into this high profile and essential software licenses and analysing the nature of its utilisation within the global business, SaaSrooms quickly identified significant savings potential – without impacting on user experience.

With an increasing per centage of Simfoni’s SaaS spend now under management, SaaSrooms has been able to automate and accurately forecast Simfoni’s planning and budget process. This level of forward visibility and control over their costs has given Simfoni the information they need for accelerated growth.


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