Reducing Waste in Microsoft Licensing

Transcript of the Video - Reducing Waste in Microsoft Licensing

“Most companies today have over 30% waste on their Microsoft licenses. Many companies believe that this is the area that they have most under control and is best managed. However, surprisingly, it’s often not the case. We’ve shown clients over and over again how they can reduce the number of licenses they hold and also optimize on existing licenses going, for example, from a 30% monthly fee to an $8 monthly fee and actually getting exactly what they need anyways. If you want to know more about how to do this, please read the article below.”

Reducing Waste in Microsoft Licensing: A Practical Guide by Philip Allouche, Founder of SaaSrooms

In my latest video, I address a common misconception among businesses: the management of Microsoft licenses. While many companies believe they have this aspect well under control, the reality often reveals significant inefficiencies. Surprisingly, most organizations experience over 30% waste in their Microsoft licensing arrangements.

Through our work at SaaSrooms, we’ve repeatedly demonstrated to clients how they can substantially reduce their licensing costs. For example, adjusting licensing plans from a $30 monthly fee to just $8, while still meeting their operational needs perfectly. This kind of optimization not only cuts costs but also enhances resource allocation.

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