Slack Pricing Guide 2024

Discover SaaS Pricing Benchmarks for Slack.

Slack Pricing Guide

Slack is a collaboration platform that helps teams communicate and work together more efficiently. It offers a variety of features including real-time messaging, file sharing, and integrations with other tools and services.

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Slack Pricing Guide

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Slack Pricing Plans

Find out Slack pricing plans , features and options.

Basic Plan

Slack’s Free Plan emerges as an ideal starting point for teams acquainting themselves with Slack or those exploring its basic features and functionality. It thoughtfully includes public channels, ensuring everyone remains in the loop with asynchronous team updates.


Who’s the Ideal Candidate for the Free Plan?

This plan is a perfect match for startups or small businesses dipping their toes into the Slack environment, offering limited integrations and chat features with specific limits on searchable messages.

Pro Plan

Priced at a competitive €6.75 per user/month (annual billing) or €8.25 per user/month (monthly billing), the Pro Plan stands as an optimal choice for sales teams and smaller businesses. This plan surpasses basic chat functionalities, offering features like unlimited message history, boundless apps, workflows, and more.


Should you choose the Pro Plan?

This plan seamlessly integrates with your business if you’re a small to midsize entity craving access to entire days of message history and the capability to collaborate beyond organizational boundaries.

Business+ Plan

With a price tag of €11.75 per user/month (yearly billing) or €14.10 per user/month (monthly billing), the Business+ Plan is where Slack truly amplifies its offerings for growing businesses, fostering achievement of business goals and priorities.


Who is the Business+ Plan right for?

Designed for larger organizations in need of administrative features, enhanced security, guaranteed uptime, and the allure of asynchronous team updates, this plan is a sanctuary. Additionally, it grants access to a workflow builder, streamlining your projects and tasks, ensuring alignment with your business priorities.

Enterprise Plan

Slack’s most extensive Enterprise Plan is meticulously crafted for large-scale organizations, seeking advanced security, control, and support – a sanctuary for companies managing complex projects.


Who benefits the most from the Enterprise Plan?

This plan is a beacon for both emerging and established companies with intricate regulatory requirements, offering a suite of features addressing diverse and complex needs.

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Slack Pricing Discounts

With Slack, you’re not just choosing a messaging app; you’re selecting a comprehensive team communication and collaboration platform, with the ability to integrate with countless third-party applications, ensuring your team and project management are always in sync.

So, whether your team is on a quest for a platform with unlimited chat, seeking a Slack alternative, or a solution that aligns with compliance requirements, Slack’s diverse plans and integrations present a tailored solution. Delve into Slack’s world and discover how it can transform your team’s communication, collaboration, and overall productivity.


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Most Popular Questions

Explore common queries with our FAQs, addressing key concerns to enhance your understanding.

Regrettably, Slack centers around team collaboration, and as of 2023, plan upgrades are applied to the entire workspace, fostering a connected team environment.

Beyond the allure of basic features, the Pro Plan unveils unlimited users’ ability to preserve a full message history, indulge in group video calls, and harness Slack’s communication tools for external collaboration.

The Business+ Plan unveils a myriad of features absent in the Pro, such as Single Sign-On (SSO), a suite of administrative tools, and a stellar 99.99% uptime guarantee, aligning with your business’s priorities.

Indeed, the market presents various alternatives like Huddle and more. However, Slack’s unparalleled integration abilities, notably with Google Drive, render it an invaluable asset for diverse teams.

While Slack’s core focus remains on communication, its versatile integration capabilities allow for a seamless connection with project management tools, or the utilization of its intrinsic task management features.

Absolutely! Slack is renowned for its smooth app integrations, connecting effortlessly with a multitude of third-party tools. This makes it an indispensable companion for modern, connected teams, enhancing team communication and collaboration.