Miro Pricing Guide 2024

Discover SaaS Pricing Benchmarks for Miro.

Miro Pricing Guide

Miro Enterprise is a digital whiteboard platform that enables teams to collaborate and share ideas visually.

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Miro Pricing Guide

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Miro Pricing Plans

Find out Miro pricing plans , features and options.

Free Plan

The Free Plan offers an array of features at no cost, perfect for those just looking to get started with Miro, or as a trial before investing in a higher tier plan. It includes the ability to open boards in view-only mode, add comments , and upload files up to 10 MB.


Who is the Free Plan right for?

Individuals and small teams dipping their toes into Miro’s offerings will find the Free Plan a cost-effective gateway to explore basic functionalities and limited collaboration.

Team Plan

The Team Plan is the mid-tier offering from Miro, enabling access to more advanced features for teams of up to 100 members. It includes real-time collaboration, custom branding, an unlimited number of boards, and 20 GB file storage.


Who is the Team Plan Right for?

Small to medium-sized teams seeking a blend of advanced features and enhanced collaboration, with a focus on project management and board control, will find the Team Plan a harmonious fit.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is the top tier offering from Miro, designed for larger teams of up to 500 members. It provides extensive customization options, plus advanced features like one-click board sharing, exports and real-time collaboration.


Who is the Business Plan Right for?

Businesses on a growth trajectory, requiring a comprehensive management tool, advanced collaboration, and additional features like Smart Diagramming, will gravitate towards the Business Plan.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan, with custom pricing, offers the most advanced features and high-level user management including:


Who is the Enterprise Plan right for?

Large corporations with a minimum seat requirement, seeking a tailored solution with advanced project management solutions, premium support, and a flexible licensing plan, will find solace in the Enterprise Plan.

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Miro Pricing Discounts

Educational institutions and non-profit organizations may be eligible for special discounts and custom pricing. Miro offers a free Education Plan for accredited institutions and encourages non-profits to inquire about tailored offerings.

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Most Popular Questions

Explore common queries with our FAQs, addressing key concerns to enhance your understanding.

Miro offers seamless integration with Google Drive, allowing users to easily access and collaborate on boards directly from the Drive.

Miro Smart Diagramming facilitates the creation of dynamic and interactive diagrams, while Miro Smart Meetings enhances virtual meeting experiences with interactive agendas and time tracking.

Yes, Miro offers a trial period for users to explore the features of premium plans before making a commitment.

Absolutely, Miro is widely used by educational institutions for teaching and collaborative learning, and there is a special Education Plan available.