Asana Pricing Guide 2024

Discover SaaS Pricing Benchmarks for Asana.

Asana Pricing Guide

Asana is a comprehensive project management platform that improves collaboration among team members to optimize project workflows and enhance overall organization.

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Asana Pricing Guide

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Asana Pricing Plans

Find out Asana pricing plans, features and options.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is Asana’s free introductory offering, designed for individuals or small teams seeking foundational task management.


Basic users also have access to Asana Forms, enabling them to gather essential information and feedback. While it may lack premium features like Custom Templates and Advanced security & data, the Basic plan serves as an excellent starting point.

Who is the Basic Plan right for?

Ideal for individual users, freelancers, and small teams requiring simple task management and basic customer service, the Basic plan offers a risk-free exploration of Asana’s interface before transitioning to paid plans.

Starter Plan

The Premium plan, priced at $10.99 per user per month when billed annually, unveils a richer array of features, including:


Premium users can leverage advanced analytics, reporting tools, and premium content to optimize project delivery. This plan is a popular choice for those seeking more comprehensive project management tools.

Who is the Premium Plan right for?

Well-suited for mid-size teams, sales teams, and project managers requiring enhanced collaboration features and advanced reporting, the Premium plan is an excellent choice for those aiming to optimize project delivery.

Advanced Plan

Designed for larger teams and organizations managing complex projects, the Business plan, priced at $24.99 per user per month when billed annually, offers features like:


Business users also have the privilege of utilizing resources like Portfolios for work management across initiatives and can set custom triggers and rule conditions for automation. This plan provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking to manage private projects and work with external users efficiently.

Who is the Advanced Plan right for?

Larger teams, engineering teams, and businesses requiring detailed analytics, advanced security features, and customizable project workflows will find immense value in the Business plan. It’s ideal for optimizing project workflows through automation and custom rule tools.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan, with custom pricing, offers the most advanced features and high-level user management including:


Who is the Enterprise Plan right for?

Large corporations, massive organizations, and businesses with advanced project management needs focusing on security and admin controls will find the Enterprise plan to be a fully customizable and extensive solution.

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Asana Pricing Discounts

Asana offers discounts for annual plans and nonprofit organizations, reducing the month per user cost and making it a cost-effective option for a wide range of users.

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Most Popular Questions

Explore common queries with our FAQs, addressing key concerns to enhance your understanding.

Asana boasts advanced integrations with popular tools like Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, Salesforce, and many more, enhancing user experience and project management capabilities.

Yes, Asana is equipped with features like Custom workflows, Custom rules builder, and advanced reporting, making it suitable for managing agile sprints and complex project workflows.

Absolutely! With features like Unlimited Users, Private Teams, Unlimited File Storage, and advanced security features, Asana’s Business and Enterprise plans are tailored for larger organizations.

Asana offers a variety of collaboration tools such as File Sharing, Feedback on Images, Project Views, and Updates on Tasks, fostering seamless coordination among team members.