Unlock Growth: 2023 SaaS Benchmarks by SaaSrooms Revealed

In the rapidly advancing realm of technology, where businesses undergo constant evolution, access to reliable data is paramount for making informed decisions. The 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report, an in-depth analysis conducted by SaaSrooms, delves into the intricate landscape of software as a service (SaaS) spending, presenting invaluable insights for companies aspiring to achieve efficient growth.

Average SaaS Spend by Business Size

Average SaaS Spend by Business Size

1. Unveiling Insights through SaaSrooms:

As businesses navigate the dynamic terrain of software procurement, the 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report from SaaSrooms emerges as a strategic compass. This comprehensive analysis allows companies to benchmark their expenditures across different business sizes, providing a roadmap for efficient growth.

2. Correlating SaaS Spending with Workforce Size:

SaaSrooms manages a substantial $6 billion spend across diverse purchasing categories, with a focus on technology, financial services, and healthcare industries. This section sheds light on the correlation between SaaS spending and workforce size, offering crucial data on the relationship between headcount and software expenditure.

3. Adapting Software Budgets with Growth:

Understanding how spending patterns evolve as companies progress through growth stages is imperative for strategic planning. The report from SaaSrooms highlights shifts in category spending, emphasizing the need for companies to adapt their software budgets in tandem with their evolving needs.

Average SaaS Spend per Full Time Employee

Average SaaS Spend per Full Time Employee

4. Insights into Popular Tools and Negotiation Trends:

This section provides a detailed breakdown of popular SaaS tools and negotiation trends, offering insights into the strategies employed by companies in managing their software portfolios. From initial startups to early enterprises, SaaSrooms’ report presents a comprehensive view of preferences and challenges faced by businesses in different growth phases.

5. Anticipating 2024: A Strategic Forecast:

Building on the 2023 analysis, the report offers predictions for the upcoming year. It foresees a sustained focus on efficiency, with companies expected to spend smarter and consolidate disparate point solutions into more comprehensive enterprise contracts. SaaSrooms’ report hints at potential shifts in supplier strategies and recommends prioritizing “intelligent procurement” for cost reduction.

Average Number of SaaS Contracts

Average Number of SaaS Contracts

Key Findings for Strategic Growth:

1. Efficiency and Growth:

SaaSrooms’ report indicates that companies tend to operate more efficiently as they grow. However, midsize companies may still be learning to prioritize procurement best practices.

2. Infrastructure Investments:

A noteworthy shift in spending is observed as companies transition from late-stage startups to high-growth phases, often driven by the need for investments in infrastructure.

saas infrastructure

3. Savings and Negotiation Strategies:

The report emphasizes the significance of negotiating contracts, especially for midsize companies, leveraging their size and buying power for more favorable deals. It also underscores the impact of shorter-term contracts in times of uncertainty.


The 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Report from SaaSrooms proves to be an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of software procurement. Armed with data-driven insights, companies can benchmark their spending, comprehend category trends, and prepare strategically for the future. In the ever-evolving technology landscape, SaaSrooms’ report serves as a guiding tool, enabling companies to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the dynamic world of SaaS.


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