Are You Overpaying for Your Software-as-a-Service Subscriptions?

Still paying ‘list price’ for your SaaS and cloud services?

How quaint….

Most companies are overpaying for their software-as-a-service subscriptions by 33% on average. Cloud service contracts with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud can also be an opportunity for significant savings.

Most companies are overpaying for their software-as-a-service subscriptions by 33% on average

Our analysis of hundreds of contracts, thousands of invoices and millions of transactions is that companies continue to pay over the odds, even renewing expensive contracts.

The over-spends arise due to multiple factors.

Only by analyzing contracts, invoices, usage data and getting user feedback can you identify potential rationalization and savings opportunities.

By right-sizing your subscriptions, you can realize significant cost savings, reduce risks, and improve service levels.

The first step on your savings journey is to get all your information into one place.

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Capture your software-as-a-service subscriptions spend

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